About Secure Payment Services

Here at Secure Payment Services we hope to take away the hassle, time and effort usually afforded whilst you try to make sure the recipient has some money in their account.

We are a revolutionary new service enabling you to make instant payments.

We have removed the need for cheques, postal orders and cash. Although these methods are still available none are as fast or direct as Secure Payments.

Without having to step outside you can send money direct the establishment, receive an instant receipt and, sit back and wait for a letter or a call of thanks from the recipient.

The first days of custody can cause all types of anxiety for all concerned. Not being able to communicate either way can also be traumatic. However, there are a few luxuries that can help ease the suffering. Tobacco, stamps, envelopes and a few nibbles can quickly be purchased with funds however the current system of getting funds to a prisoner is slow and they may not arrive for quite some time.

By using Secure Payment Services we can reduce this time by 50% meaning your friend or relative doesn't have to wait days, sometimes weeks before any funds are cleared for use.