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15/03/21 - SUPPORT LINE - Thank you for your patience, we have launched a new support number which is now active - to contact our team please dial 0333 3441 816
03/03/21 - CUSTOMER NOTICE - HMP Thameside - As from the 19th March you will no longer be able to send payments through our service, this is in line with the changes that have been made within the prison service.
02/11/20 - CUSTOMER NOTICE - All private prisons in England & Wales are no longer using our Secure Payment service, this is in line with changes that are being made within the prison service from the 2nd November.
18/03/20 - Covid-19 Support and Preparedness This message is to inform you of the actions taken by Unilink to provide customer support and services during the period of the Covid-19 emergency. First, the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our business, whether directly employed or otherwise, is my and the Unilink management team’s number one priority. Hence, we have effected the following plans: Following tests of our business continuity plans w/c 2nd March, Unilink Group companies are working from home with over 90% of staff homeworking linked by Zoom, Teams, Slack, diverted phones and support software as appropriate. During the business continuity tests Unilink provided support without customers being aware that we were operating from home offices. Unilink is providing a normal support service and you, our customers, should not be aware of the changed circumstances.  Where onsite visits are required Unilink will arrange those visits subject to there being low risk of staff infection and minimal contact. Staff will adhere to customers’ Covid-19 policies for visitors.  Normal business meetings will continue but will be arranged by Zoom rather than face to face.  Unilink continues to recruit staff, take on new business and plan projects subject to the constraints of the necessary restrictions introduced by the pandemic. I would like to reassure our customers and suppliers that the Unilink Group of companies are financially stable with long term contracts from central government departments providing reliable revenue streams. Unilink Group will continue operating, as far as possible normally, throughout the period of the virus emergency. If you have any questions about this policy or anything else regarding Unilink’s services during this period please email our special monitored email address If there is any other way in which Unilink can help, please get in touch. Francis Toye CEO – Unilink 18th March 2020
16/09/14 - Please ensure you have quoted the correct NOMS number when sending in deposits to your recipient. If the payment is allocated to another person’s account in error, the prison may not be able to transfer to the correct account at a later date due to the funds being spent.
30/06/14 - Please be aware that some establishment do not allow you to send funds to unauthorised recipients. If you are unsure please check with the prison concerned, they will be able to confirm who your authorised recipient is. Not doing so could result in suspended payments. Thank you.

Welcome to Secure Payment Services  


This service enables you to send money to prisoners in the UK  that operate our service from any computer.


Secure Payment Services is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online with, your payments sent directly to the prison.

Should you have any problems at all then please contact our support team.... Email:

Full contact details can be found on the contact us page.

Thank you for using Secure Payment Services. We appreciate all feedback to ensure we continue to offer the best service possible.