Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Thanks so much, I love the service you offer it is very much beneficial to me and I know of other people in the same situation as myself and as I am gravely ill and can't always get to the prison to hand the funds over the my kindest regards.

Name withheld

“I would just like to thank you for the excellent way in which you have handled payments made by myself to my son whilst he was at HMP Dovegate. I just hope that HMP Erlestoke will begin to use the service sometime in the near future. Your system is cheaper than using Postal Orders and is also a much quicker and safer way of sending money to inmates. Thank you once again.”

Name withheld

"After reading about the secure payment scheme I feel that all prisons should operate this system. If this operates and works anything like the email a prisoner scheme, which I think is brilliant for all concerned prisoners, staff, family and friends alike then then this should be considered and implemented in all prisons in the country.

The cost of sending cash by registered post ( which not all prisons accept, but some prefer) or postal order is substantial and a burden that many cannot afford and the latter takes quite some time to get to the prisoner account. Cheques apparently take up to six weeks to clear, which is outrageous, although cheap.

I hope to hear soon that more prisons will implement this service."

Name withheld

Prison staff comments:

Very happy with the service

  • Reduces the need for cash to be handled within the office / prison which in turn reduces the risk of money being mislaid
  • Less queries and phone calls
  • Reduces our banking collections due to less cash on premises....

Here at HMP Parc we have nothing but positive feedback for the secure payments service. Since it was introduced, our needs and preferences have all been adhered to and processes have been adapted to suit us. If there is every a query I know that I can just email Sam and she will get straight back to me.

Using the secure payment system has increased efficiency in regards to prisoners receiving money. Not only do the prisoners receive their money sooner, but it decreases my work in regards to banking cash, cheques and postal orders.................................

Using the Secure Payment System gives Finance and Security full information of the sender. Where when sender in cash they can place any name or address on the letter, we would not know, this way you have to have all the information .it’s very easy to use, and to export.

At present we have has no problems with the system........................

At Thameside we have found Secure Payment Service of benefit in many ways;-

  • senders details are provided against all funds received, useful when resolving any issues
  • unusual activity can be identified quickly by both Prisoner Finance and Secure Payment Services, and  the relevant parties notified should other action be required.
  • it takes very little time to process compared with postal cash or visitors cash,
  • the funds transfer is securely deposited directly into the Trust bank account, so there is no physical  cash to count and secure on site,
  • less cash on site means less banking trips and cash collection,
  • no issues with un-cleared funds; counterfeit bills, bounced cheques, or missing cash / postal orders /  cheques.....

HMP Dovegate

HMP Oakwood has been open for 2 years this April and during this time finance have built a good working relationship with Sam Fear and her team.

The system was updated in December 2013 so that the information was exported direct from yourselves rather than finance inputting it manually from your email. This has benefited finance hugely in allowing us to have the time to monitor sender payments.

Prisoners have also benefited since Oakwood introduced the Secure payment system as monies are transferred quickly and efficiently.  Senders also benefit from the system and finance do promote the service high lighting the benefits ie: postal orders/cheque can go missing in the post if not sent Recorded Delivery/Special delivery which incurs further postage costs, easy to track payments, money can be refunded back to the sender directly, and no commission charges.