HMP Staff

Since we began operations in 2006 Email a Prisoner has become a vital tool for family and friends to maintain strong family ties. We complement the current methods of prisoner communication whilst respecting the security arrangements necessary in the transferring of prisoner communication / data.

In November 2009 we received a positive evaluation from NOMS (National Offender Management Service) and currently we operate in 100% of secure establishments covering, all categories of prisons.

After the 'user' has registered on our website, created their account and completed their profile they can now set-up the recipients details to begin sending emailed messages. Once the messages are sent our software encrypts and reformats before re-directing to the prison of choice usually, within minutes. Once received in the prison (via a secure encrypted file) they can be printed in one-go, processed in the usual manner for the establishments and given to the prisoners with the rest of the daily correspondence.


Your service towards us is exemplary. Our requests for stationery are met by return of post and any technical queries that we have had in the past are also attended to quickly. Continue the good work which enables us to deliver an equally good service to the prisoners....  Postroom HMP Guys Marsh.

HMP Ranby

Since we started using the service, both the incoming and outgoing e-mails have month on month steadily increased, thus saving an amount of postage charges due to the reduction in outgoing prisoner 'free weekly letters' that are franked to the cost of 1st and 2nd class stamps. When we met and discussed the way the reply service would work having already been familiar with the incoming service. The electronic equipment that you supplied was and still is first class. Prison wing staff are now fully aware of the requirements of the censors department to ensure the smooth and consistent running of the reply service, ensuring replies are sent back on a daily basis for mailing out once scanned. As far as the prison population is concerned the system has met with a very positive attitude, and feedback suggests regular contact with families and friends through the service has not only proved popular and speedy compared to mail posted via the traditional postal service, but has gone some way to relieving prisoners stress and anxieties. Having championed personally the service, I am in regular contact with our Security Governor, who following information collated by yourseves regarding the figures achieved over the past months was 'very impressed' as was the number one Governor. I am sure we will continue to work closely together and maintain a very professional and popular method of communication. Many thanks for all your help.


HMP Drake Hall

The email a prisoner service has made a huge difference to our prisoners and in their maintaining family ties. Prisoners that don't receive mail easily, for example with busy families or those with overseas families are now able to communicate much more freely, they are noticing a huge difference, and are very grateful to the service.


HMP Peterborough 

Since the start of the emailaprisoner service with HMP Prison Peterborough we have found the service to be an excellent way for families to keep in touch with those in our custody. The service is cheaper than first class post and the emails are received the next day securely. By families using the emailaprisoner service they are not affected by any postal strike actions either. Emailaprisoner is very reliable, efficient and the personnel operating the service are all first rate performers; there for support should it be required. One of the best services undertaken by this prison to date and we look forward to our continued relation with


HMP Wandsworth

"Nearly 40,000 e-mails  received and processed to date, with minimal problems. This service has speeded up communications to prisoners, particularly to those whose families live abroad.Cheaper than a stamp, too!There are no envelopes to search, security is enhanced, and messages can quickly be processed as there is no dodgy hand writing to read. This alone assists the whole processing procedures and we know from experience this leads to time saving during the whole processing procedure.

We have a complete comprehensive audit trail and our security checks are deemed satisfactory to all concerned parties. In fact are checks are more stringent than the current arrangements already in use.

HMP Low Newton - Female prison and YOI - Capacity 336 

Since the emailaprisoner system came into use a lot of visitors have taken advantage of it.  Having spoken to some of the users they think that they are getting a lot more for their money than using the postal system. They know that if they send an email it will get to the prisoner a lot quicker than post, usally the same day or next day.  Prisoners also love emailaprisoner as they all love geting mail, regardless if it's an email or through the post, but know if they receive emails it's quicker.  If their family, partner or friends say they are using emails they are going to get more mail and quicker and usually a few emails at a time.  We have one prisoner who receives about 2/3 emails a day and she is overjoyed.  I am the one who usally orders the replacement envelopes/paper and must commend the staff for their quick delivery of these supplies.  They usually arrive about 2 days after my phone call, very efficient. 



As mentioned this is a totally free service and our only requirement is for a dedicated functional mailbox, that's it. We supply all consumables, posters for public and non public areas, flyers to relay our service and envelopes for the printed messages. We'll even supply the ink and paper to print the messages.

Up and down the country security departments and OSG's have commented on the simplicity but effectiveness of our service. We are so confident in our service that we will happily put you in touch with establishments already benefitting from our 'FREE' Email a Prisoner service.

Please view the locations page to view current operational establishments.

As soon as you receive our materials service can begin at your convenience. Please help us to ensure all families of prisoners have the same option to maintain strong contact.

It has been extensively documented that prisoners who receive regular communication are 6 times less likely to re-offend - Are you doing your bit?

For additional information, enquiries or expressions of interest please call 03333 44 18 16