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We already have numerous legal and professional agencies benefiting from our cost effective service and we are able to offer invoice accounts for legal professionals and organisations wishing to use Email a Prisoner to send communications to their clients.

If several staff members wish to use this service we can provide a 'Multi-User' account, please contact our support team for more information.

Whether keeping prisoners up to date with their case(s) or furnishing information from a variety of sources from education to resettlement/rehabilitation purposes, Email a Prisoner is a quick, efficient service to convey your communication.

Messages only cost 40p each and with a single account all/any permitted members can email their correspondence direct to the prison, where the message is printed and placed into an envelope (for security on the wings) and distributed with the rest of the daily correspondence.

Please note - legally sensitive material/communications sent via this website are not subject to the usual privileged handling arrangements afforded privileged mail. We recommend sending sensitive materials through the traditional channels.

 Click on sign up to create an account or for further information please contact  

Since joining the scheme four monts ago, we have had some very positive feedback from our prisoner customers.


“Due to Data Protection restrictions, we are not able to disclose confidential information in emails, however we can at least alert the prisoner to the fact that we have sent them a letter or need them to contact us about their case. We have in the past experienced so me problems getting post to prisoners; now that they have an email from us they know to expect a letter and will let us know if this doesn’t turn up."


The system is very easy to use and we encourage all of our staff to use it for prisoner correspondence; this all helps to improve our service.”

Jordan Solicitors has found the Email a Prisoner service of great benefit to the firm, especially the abuse departments. It is easy to use and means we can contact prisoners quickly and efficiently.

McCormacks Law - Email-a-prisoner is a simple idea which is brilliantly organised, easy to use and cheap.

Someone clever and perceptive realised that the worst thing about being in custody is the  loneliness and isolation of being inside. Two days without contact is an age when you are banged up.  Not knowing what is going on outside nor who cares. Letters are slow to come and might be infrequent. And stamps are getting more expensive. Email is the obvious answer.

The first problem is how to make it work simply, cheaply and conveniently. Solved.


The harder nut to crack was to get it accepted. Security is always HMP’s top priority.


Well, the fact is that more and more prisons have been persuaded of the benefits of email-a-prisoner. The security issues have been overcome.


And so far as I know once it has been introduced in a prison nobody has changed their mind. Because it works. 


Apart from keeping prisoners in touch with loved ones it is also an easy way for legal representatives to get simple, non confidential messages to prisoners, updating them on legal visits or dates of hearings for example. Send the message today and the prisoner receives it tomorrow. You don’t have to chase the last post.  And the fact it is so easy usually means more regular contact too, all adding up to less anxiety with all the knoc- on benefits that brings for everyone- prisoner, family, lawyer and the prison itself.


At McCormacks Law we use it all the time for basic non-confidential messages and our clients appreciate it.


I could not recommend email a prisoner highly enough.  It makes you wonder why nobody invented it before.