Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send funds to a prisoner or Detainee?

You can send money to a prisoner via this website, it takes only a few minutes and your money gets delivered to the prison electronically. You can send money from anywhere you like - home, work, library, an internet cafe even.

How does my money get to the Prisoner/ Detainee?

Once registered on our website a payment can be made by setting up a recipient, specifying the amount you'd like to send and then paying it via our payment provider. It is then transferred electronically to the prison bank account and a record of the payment is sent directly to the prison itself.

How quickly will my money get there?

The money will be processed by Secure Payment Services and transferred to the prison the same day. The transfer usually takes 1-2 days to clear then the funds will be available to the recipient.

What are the costs?

In order to provide this service there are a number of costs that we must cover, these are laid out below.

  • Processing Fee: 1% + £0.65
  • Transfer Fees: 2.5% of total amount + £0.22

So, for example, to send £10.00 the total amount payable would be £11.24:
£10.00 + 1% (processing percentage fee) = £10.10
£10.10 + £0.65 (processing fixed fee) = £10.75
£10.75 + 2.5% (transfer percentage fee) = £11.02
£11.02 + £0.22 (transfer fixed fee) = £11.24

Why was my payment not taken?

Please check the following if your payment does not go through and shows as incomplete.

  1. That the address on your account matches the details the bank holds for you.
  2. Please enter your full name when it asks you for the name on the card
  3. Ensure the number, dates and security digits from your card are correctly entered.
  4. If there is an issue number on the card please enter this if not please leave blank.
  5. We have initiated 3D Secure on our site, a box will appear from your bank to enter digits from the password you will have set up with your bank.  If you do not remember the password please press forgotten password and follow the prompts.  
  6. Our website has added security and all information is checked, this will include email addresses.